The Sisters Project combats negative stereotypes of Muslim women by showcasing the diverse stories of inspirational women across Canada, while also creating a space of inclusion and belonging for all self-identifying Muslim women to embrace and celebrate their unique identities

Created by Alia Youssef



“Looking at the view from the window means looking at my achievements and future dreams. Just like how the CN tower is standing still, powerful and unique, this is how I like to see my self.” Redab is a 33 year old PhD student at the University of Toronto and a mother of three gorgeous children. Her occupations reflect her favourite places as she loves to be “at home as a mother with my husband and beautiful children, and at the university as a thirsty student for knowledge, learning a new thing everyday.” Redab also loves to cook - she has a cooking page on Facebook with more than 3,700 followers. She loves trying new recipes and seeing how tastes and flavours vary across the world. When I asked Redab how she believes she is perceived she responded, “It was my own personal choice to be perceived visibly as a Muslim woman. I am proud of my faith, and I’m happy to be a symbol of it.” She continued to say, “I am also flexible with my hijab in modest ways, and I try to add fashion to my style to make it more acceptable to others in a desirable way…I am always asked by people, "Are all muslims like you: friendly, sociable and always laughing??!!!" so, it is us who are able to influence others and represent ourselves as strong members in any society we go to.”

Q&A Feature:

What is your favourite quality about yourself?

Determination and persistence

 How do you want to be perceived?

As a strong and powerful muslim woman that can change the world to the best of her ability.

What do you think is the biggest stereotype of a muslim woman? Do you believe it?

Oppression. I do not believe it at all. Through history, the muslim woman has proved to be a leader, a professor, a doctor and an innovator.  

What is a fun fact about you that you haven’t told me yet? 

I love food especially desserts :)

What is one thing you know for sure? 

I know for sure that “You don't become what you want, you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey