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“Being of service is hugely important to me. I believe that being at IDRF is not just a job, but rather it’s an opportunity to be of service and to support some of the world’s vulnerable people to gain access to food, water, shelter and other basic needs along with the opportunity to live a good life.”

Farheen immigrated from Hyderabad, India in the early 1970s to Mississauga, Canada and has since been an extremely active member of her community. She is now the Director of Fund Development and External Affairs at the International Development and Relief Foundation. She’s also an author of two books, a speaker, and in 2015 she ran for MP candidate of Mississauga. Her love of writing has brought her to be working on her third book which focuses on her journey through politics and into the International Development sectors. When I asked Farheen what her favourite quality about herself is she responded, “My persistence and resilience. Persistence is what has allowed me to get to where I am today. Life hasn't been easy but no matter what I have had to deal with, I believe taking a step forward is the only option we have.” (She speaks a lot about this in her books.) Although Farheen has contributed in so many ways and has a huge array of talents and interests, what’s most important to her is “my faith and my connection to Allah SWT, God or the Great Spirit. My life is committed to being of service and to supporting the most vulnerable people of the world. I guess you can say my goal each day is to be good and to do good.”

Q&A Feature:

What is a fun fact about you that you haven’t told me yet?

I have lost 16 inches from my waist over the last few years. That's over half my body weight. While I'm still a work in progress, I always remind myself of how far I have come.

Where is your favourite place to find yourself?

I love being on the land. I discovered how much I loved mountains when I visited Iceland. Mountains and water are what allow me to remain grounded and to find myself. 

What is the best quality in someone else?

What I value in people are compassion,  courage, persistence, and resilience. Taking a position as a leader or trailblazer is never easy and it requires courage and persistence. There will always be opposition which requires resilience.

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Facebook & Twitter: Farheenk786 

Instagram: Farheenkhan7860