The Sisters Project is a multimedia project that aims to humanize, diversify, and showcase the individual narratives of Muslim women. 

Created by Alia Youssef



“I discovered who I was as a person in Kwantlen Polytechinic University. It awoke the activist within me. If it weren't for the work of the student association, I would've never realized how unjust things are for some people. It made me realize, I couldn't be a bystander. I had to be one of the people advocating for change.”

Naveen is extremely passionate about helping people learn and develop. She is a mentor for high school and university students, she works with non-profits and educational institutions to host workshops, organize events, and drive initiatives in efforts to increase social impact. On top of all that, she is also a community outreach facilitator and board member of KDocs, which is a documentary film festival in Vancouver, hoping to spearhead initiatives that challenge mainstream narratives of minority groups while engaging local youth. Her career is centred around her love for learning. She loves connecting with people, hearing their story, and finding ways to collaborate. Often as soon as Naveen has met someone, her mind can think of “countless people to connect them with, articles they should read, and initiatives we should collaborate on.” Naveen told me one thing she knows for sure is that, “I was put on this earth to educate, inspire, and empower those around me. It's funny because half the time I don't even realize how much I'm benefiting someone. I'll just be rambling about something and the next day I'll get a text from the person thanking me for the motivation.”

Q&A Feature:

Where is your favourite place to find yourself?

A mosque. I love the peace and sense of calmness. It not only helps me purify my heart, but also allows me to regain focus so I can overcome the obstacles in my path.

What is a fun fact about you that you haven’t told me yet? 

After high school, I was super passionate about health fitness, so ended up becoming a Certified Weight Trainer.