About The Sisters Project:

I grew up being ashamed of my identity, my background, and my religion, all because of the connotations that came with it. From before I was born to the haunting reality of Trump’s Muslim ban, certain perpetual representations circulate in media and literature time and time again.These representations depict a voiceless, oppressed, demure, helpless woman who is a victim to her patriarchal religion. This image always portrays a sad-looking-veiled-woman who is deemed in need of “saving.”

I knew this wasn’t my reality, and it certainly wasn’t the reality of my mother, my sisters, and the women around me. I felt this one-dimensional image was being stamped repeatedly on every Muslim woman (all 850 million of us). That monolithic image is putting Muslim women in danger. It’s not only subjecting women to harsh prejudice but it has also motivated a 42% increase in the number of hate crimes against Canadian Muslim women in the past three years and has become the basis for widespread Islamophobia.

This is why I created The Sisters Project, a photo series of Canadian Muslim women. I want to counter the idea that Muslim women can be painted with one brush, by instead humanizing Muslim women, and diversifying the narratives of their everyday lives. Whether a kinesiology student considering medical school, an ESL teacher who eases immigrants into Canadian life, or the program manager of Ecotrust working tirelessly to preserve the British Columbian rainforest; these women make up the fabric of contemporary Canadian society. This project subverts labels and false associations, counters voicelessness and lack of agency, and shows women in control of their lives.

- Alia Youssef, Creator of The Sisters Project. To find out more about the artist visit



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